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Gary Wilkerson Podcast

with Gary Wilkerson
Undone by the Holiness of God - 079 Thursday, August 6, 2020
ABOUT GOD - PART 16 | What is the holiness of God? Some might say it is his sinlessness. Others might say it is the standard by which we live our lives. Sam Storms joins Gary Wilkerson to discuss how the holiness of God is much more than we typically attribute to it. Key Points from the Podcast• God is altogether unique, greater than, different and other than us. • Many view holiness as sinlessness or right living, but it goes far beyond that. • A revelation of God’s holiness will show us our own sinfulness, frailty, ignorance, and dependency upon God. • People fall down on their faces in awe just being in the presence of angels who have been in the presence of God. • Understanding the holiness of God will give us a greater revelation of just how great God’s mercy is toward us, his unholy and undeserving creations. • Just like all of God’s other attributes, his holiness is infinite and immeasurable. View full show notes: https://wcm.link/gwp79c Support this podcast

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