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Generations Radio

with Kevin Swanson
Freedom of Speech Dissipating - The Lost Legacy of Switzerland Friday, February 14, 2020
Switzerland is about to initiate persecution against Christians for the first time in history. Switzerland was a safe place for Christians during the reformation. Many fled to Geneva for protection from the tyrants of France and England, but no longer. Christians who hate sin, and speak against it, are up for 3 years in prison, and the same goes for almost all of Europe now except for the UK and Italy. Prosecuting emotions and emotional speech is risky business, and tyrants will go for it. But, the worst thing of all is the devolution of language itself, and the use of amorphous language to prosecute. . . well, just about everybody. We remember the Gulag Archipelago, and make another clarion call for freedom on this edition of the program.

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