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God Centered Life

with Josh Moody
Life to the Full: Born Again, Part 2 Thursday, August 6, 2020
Put yourself back into the Old Testament story where people are dying, and there's a means of rescue by looking up at the serpent on the pole. If they look, they will not die. So faith is not a cursory glance at an unimportant fact. Faith is the desparate gaze of a dying man at the only possible means of his rescue.

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A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23

Based on his years as a keeper of sheep, W. Phillip Keller infuses new hope and meaning into our relationship with Christ, the Good Shepherd. As we lie down in green pastures or walk through the shadowy valley, we're assured that whatever our path, whatever our stumbling, the Shepherd will lovingly guide, carry, and protect us. We can depend on His goodness and mercy all the days of our lives. When you make your gift, we'll send a copy your way. (If you'd prefer not to receive the book, just note that in the comment box during checkout). God Centered Life is a listener-supported ministry. Your partnership with GCL makes what we do possible, and this ministry cannot exist without your support!

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