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God Centered Life

with Josh Moody
The Essential Church: We're in This Together Friday, March 1, 2024
The Gospel is essential, but so is the Church. We are not individualistic as Christians; we are part of the body of Christ. Today that is so important to reaffirm with everything going on in our world. The Church is not a social club or a source of entertainment; we need each other.

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One group says the Bible is a book about love, mercy, and kindness. They think of the story of the Good Samaritan and of Jesus telling us to turn the other cheek. So how could anyone think the Bible prevents a tolerant society? But for another group, the Bible is far from tolerant. There’s the conquest of Canaan. There’s Elijah killing Baal’s prophets by his own hand. And in the New Testament, Jesus talks often about hell. That’s not tolerant. What then can we say in answer to this question? Get your free resource and learn more today!

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