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God's Great Outdoors

with Gerry Caillouet
God's Great Outdoors - Ken and Judy Gingrich Monday, March 25, 2019
On this Trail To Adventure! Gerry meets with Ken Gingrich as he is someone who making his living in God’s great outdoors. Ken tells about being involved in a godless past to include running with members of the Hell's Angels, Sons of Satan, and Pagans motorcycle bike groups. This is just part of the testimony of this week's guest Ken Gingrich. Ken is joined by his wife Judy and the two share about this time in Ken’s life and how God wound up getting a hold of the two of them when an evangelist showed up at their door. Ken put this story into a tract titled The Ultimate Choice and eventually wound up writing an expanded story of this entire life experience in a book with the same name, The Ultimate Choice. Their hope and prayer is some will come to Christ Jesus from both of these printed materials!

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