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God's Great Outdoors

with Gerry Caillouet
God's Great Outdoors - Mitch Hoyt and Arnie Wolf Monday, September 21, 2020
On this week’s Trail To Adventure! Gerry and wife Cyndi are visiting with Arnie and Dee Wolf at their home in Chili, WI. Gerry was invited to meet Mitch Hoyt and his wife Chris, to learn about their story. In this interview Arnie tells that an event done in the area needed a speaker and he’d contacted Mitch Hoyt to share with all who attended. Mitch, who is in a wheel chair because of a deer hunting treestand accident that took place on a September morning in 2006, began to tell how he was disabled. Part of this testimony relates to Mitch’s wife Chris having asked him to please not go on that day. But, the deer hunter chose to focus on his desires instead. Climbing into a friend’s treestand that had been hanging there for several years and before he’d safety harnessed up, he crashed to the ground. Finding himself immobile and with his one elbow wedged in a small tree’s crotch, thinking he would died caused a life’s reflection. God used this time stuck there to speak to Mitch and begin a heart change in him that makes this a “must listen to” interview as the Holy Spirit used it all to change his life, as you’ll see!

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