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God's Great Outdoors

with Gerry Caillouet
God's Great Outdoors - Paul Gathany Monday, July 6, 2020
Have you ever wondered how someone with absolutely no training in radio and no knowledge of how to use a computer needed to produce a radio program came to produce a radio program? On this week’s program Gerry talks to Paul Gathany, the retired station manager of WCDR where God’s Great Outdoors got its start. The two talk about the radio station’s beginnings over 40 years ago on the campus at Cedarville College as Paul and Dr. David Jeremiah started it in their dorm with one FM of power. Paul shares how he was introduced to Gerry who had the crazy idea of sharing what people are doing in the outdoors through the creation and the relationships that can be built through outdoor ministry. The listener will realize from this program how God’s timing, the location, and the relationships with people who have experienced changed lives through the power of God, all came together to make this radio program possible.

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