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God's Great Outdoors

with Gerry Caillouet
God's Great Outdoors - Tim Mahoney Monday, August 24, 2020
On this week’s Trail To Adventure! we’ll be hearing of an Indiana Jones style hunting trip that started in the year of 2002! The guest, Tim Mahoney, who owns and runs Mahoney Media Studios, a film production studio in the “Twin Cities” of Minnesota, relates his story. It began when; Tim decided he had to visit Egypt. He traveled to the location where it is believed the Israelites lived while slaves in this foreign land. Tim had wanted to document the archaeological digs on film. In a discussion with a famous archaeologist, he was told that no evidence had been found to prove the Bible’s Book of Genesis story and on the Exodus or that Israelites had ever even lived in Egypt at all. This idea rocked Tim’s world and made him question his faith. So, he began doing an investigative study that unearthed all kinds of proof and also, produced the production of the “Thinking Man” documentary films. These include Patterns Of Evidence EXODUS, Patterns Of Evidence MOSES, and Patterns Of Evidence THE RED SEA MIRACLE, Part One & Part Two!

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