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Gospel in Life

with Tim Keller
The Word and the Spirit Friday, April 16, 2021
Acts is about the origins of Christianity. Whenever you go to the origins, you learn something about what genuine Christianity is — authentic, original, real Christianity. That is important because many people base, to some degree, their non-belief on what it was like to be a “Christian” earlier in life or on what other “Christians” are like.  If you ask yourself every day the question, “Am I a real Christian?,” it will drive you nuts. On the other hand, if you never ask that question, that’s not healthy either. Let’s ask the question on the basis of this text by looking at four marks of a real Christian: 1) you serve God consistently, especially in suffering, 2) you are getting to know God deliberately 3) you experience God periodically, and 4) you exhibit God generously. This sermon was preached by Rev. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on January 20, 2013. Series "Acts: The Gospel in the City". Scripture: Acts 4:23-37. Today's podcast is brought to you by Gospel in Life, the site for all sermons, books, study guides and resources from Timothy Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church. If you've enjoyed listening to this podcast and would like to support the ongoing efforts of this ministry, you can do so by visiting https://gospelinlife.com/give and making a one-time or recurring donation.

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