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Grace Thoughts

with Tim Kelley
Competing Paradigms Continued, Part 2 Friday, December 1, 2023
Law is like a mirror that shows you all your blemishes and wrinkles. It shows you your faults, but offers no cure or solution. Grace is like the plastic surgeon who makes you something you could never be by yourself. However, Law and Grace are not enemies - they are teammates! Law shows us how much we need grace.

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"Thinking with God" is a non published collection of messages that Tim Kelley, Grace Thoughts host, taught in a small and private setting. These CD's were never posted on the Website or made available to the general public until now. "Thinking with God" answers 2 distinct questions: What is God like and How does God Think? It is impossible for us, as believers, to think clearly in our Christian life without addressing these vital questions.

(The audio quality is reflective of the small setting in which these were recorded.)


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