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Grace Thoughts

with Tim Kelley
Ears, 2 Friday, June 9, 2023
We've probably all said it; when someone is about to tell us something we really want to hear, we might say, "I'm all ears."  Are we this way with the Gospel?  When we hear the spoken and written Word of God, am I "all ears"?  To the measure that we actually hear the Word of God, will be the measure that we progress spiritually.

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Thinking with God

"Thinking with God" is a non published collection of messages that Tim Kelley, Grace Thoughts host, taught in a small and private setting. These CD's were never posted on the Website or made available to the general public until now. "Thinking with God" answers 2 distinct questions: What is God like and How does God Think? It is impossible for us, as believers, to think clearly in our Christian life without addressing these vital questions.

(The audio quality is reflective of the small setting in which these were recorded.)


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