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Grace to You Weekend

with John MacArthur
Be Not Drunk with Wine, Part 1 Saturday, January 11, 2020
The Bible gave plenty of instruction about the dangers — and evils — of drunkenness.  But the Bible stops short of commanding you not to drink.  How should you respond, then, to those who say Christians should never drink . . . or to those who say it’s OK if they do? 

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Worship: The Ultimate Priority

Worship is so much more than what is sung or played in church on Sunday morning. John MacArthur takes you step by step in a discovery of who and how to worship. From the existence of God and His attributes, to instruction on the right and wrong ways to worship God, MacArthur never strays from teaching and explaining what the Bible says. This book makes it Biblically clear that worship is all about how we prioritize and live our daily lives to honor and glorify God. Make worship your ultimate priority!

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