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Grace to You Weekend

with John MacArthur
Happy Are the Merciful, Part 2 Saturday, May 30, 2020
Maybe your family’s in crisis today. Maybe you’re struggling with illness . . . or how you’ll pay the bills. When life hits hard, or when everyday hassles wear you down . . . how can you have the genuine, lasting happiness that doesn’t depend on your circumstances?

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Featured Offer from Grace to You Weekend

The Power of Integrity

From politician to pastor, wealthy class to welfare case, compromise has become a way of life in modern America. Character, like cargo on a sinking ship, is cast off at the first sign of trouble. Yet God has called you to a different life. One that rings true when everyone is watching—and when no one is watching. A life that's a beacon, built on a firm, unmovable foundation, offering light to a world that can't find its way. If that's who you desire to be, but struggle to put it into practice, The Power of Integrity is your instruction manual for solid, uncompromising, unbending, darkness-piercing Christian living. This how-to book for developing integrity can help you identify and correct areas of weakness that lead to compromise and failure. This book comes with a study guide in the back of the book.

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