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Grace to You

with John MacArthur
Dealing with Private Sins Friday, June 22, 2018
How do you keep the teeth of temptation from clamping down, tearing at your mind . . . and blackening your soul? For practical, biblical strategies that will help you uproot private sin .

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Remember and Return (Hardcover)

In the busyness and trials of life, it's easy to drift away from the Savior. We may continue to go to church and even read the Scriptures and pray, but we can still lose our first love. Christ commended the church in Ephesus for their works and for their intolerance of false doctrine yet admonished them to remember and return to their first love--him. In the same way, our outward religiosity can mask an inner lack of love for our Savior. In this 31-day devotional, John MacArthur takes readers down a biblically prescribed path as they rediscover who Christ is, what he has done, and how they must respond. Each entry will move readers from understanding to application to reflection and prayer, with a goal of rekindling their first love for Christ. Makes a thoughtful gift for any believer.

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