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Guidelines For Living

with Harold Sala
Waiting For God When You’re Impatient Monday, April 12, 2021
Island shrouded in heavy fog--am going on," was Richard Haliburton's last radio message before he sailed into oblivion.  Haliburton was a flamboyant adventurer and explorer who was attempting to sail from Hong Kong to San Francisco in a Chinese junk.  He intended to stop in Taiwan for supplies, but when he approached the island, he could not see light and assumed that it was shrouded in fog.  It was not but Haliburton did not know that.  The lights had been blanketed in a practice air-raid drill, and sailing on was his last mistake.  He was lost at sea.  Richard Haliburton's impatience cost him his life.  Had he only waited for guidance, he would have made his destination.  James McConkey was right when he wrote, "Haste is the parent of 9/10ths of our mistakes..."

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