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In Touch Ministries

with Charles F. Stanley
The Necessity Saturday, March 17, 2018
Blood belongs inside the body, coursing through veins and pumping through the heart. When blood is outside the body, it's a sign that something has gone horribly wrong.  Unless that body belongs to Jesus. In this message, Dr. Stanley proclaims the irreplaceable, holy sufficiency of the blood Christ shed for us on the cross. It may be uncomfortable to contemplate, but without the blood of Jesus there is no redemption, reconciliation, or salvation. There is no Christianity.  The blood of Jesus belongs inside His body, the Church. Discover the priceless gift He gave us and why we have nothing without it, but everything because of it.

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Praying With Purpose – 31 cards for your daily journey with GodPrayer isn’t just for the eloquent or super-spiritual. Connecting with God in prayer is a privilege that every believer should be enjoying. But sometimes it takes a little guidance to get going. With topics ranging from boldness to the persecuted church, these 31 cards will help you pursue intimacy with the Lord every day of every month for years to come. 

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