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Insight for Living

with Chuck Swindoll
Getting Reacquainted with the Spirit of Power, Part 2 Friday, November 15, 2019
Since God the Father devised the plan of salvation and God the Son carried it out, what is the role of the Holy Spirit? We’ll discover how the Spirit turns simple knowledge into dynamic wisdom. Just when we think we’ve reached the pinnacle of understanding, and we feel like our daily walk with God has struck a steady rhythm, the Holy Spirit comes alongside and surprises us!

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Hope Beyond the Culture: How to Shock the Pagan Crowd

Throughout the New Testament, we read of the changed life that follows genuine conversion. This radical series of changes results in a new direction, an alteration of our habits and pursuits as well as our choice of close friends. Interestingly, as far back as the first century, Peter wrote of all these things. Let’s look closely at these six verses (1 Peter 4:1–6) and discover what causes unbelievers to be so surprised (and angry) at us.

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