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with Mike Kai
Miracles Follow Humble Obedience Monday, November 20, 2023
Pastor Mike Kai has a word for everyone when telling an intriguing story from 2 Kings 5 about a powerful, decorated commander in the Aramean army named Naaman, who was afflicted with leprosy. The journey to get healed wasn’t easy and was met with tribulation and an inhospitable reception by Elisha. However, because he learned to exhibit humble obedience, he experienced the most miraculous moment in his life and was completely healed. Are you believing an incredible God-led miracle is waiting for you? Pastor DJ provides valuable life lessons on “Clearing the Path to Our Miracle with Humility,” and how to recognize and remove the “Obstacles Holding You Back.” We may not be covered with leprosy, but we do have sin we cannot wash away on our own. Get ready for a transformation from the inside out and don’t miss the opportunity to be obedient. It takes commitment and remember faith that doesn’t lead to obedience isn’t faith at all. If you made a decision to follow Jesus, we'd love to take the journey with you! Click to Connect with our team at: http://www.Inspirechurch.live/online To partner with us in bringing the word of God around the world, click here: http://www.InspireChurch.live/give Get Pastor Mike's latest book "That Doesn't Just Happen" at: https://www.MikeKai.Tv ------ We would love to connect with you------ To find out more about Inspire Church, visit us at: http://www.InspireChurch.Live Facebook: Inspire Church Instagram: @inspirechurchtv Twitter: @inspirechurchtv Twitch: InspireChurch

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