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with Mike Kai
When The Rain Stops | Old School Monday, September 4, 2023
This week we launch into a new series you’ll find appropriately entitled “Old School.” We all take the necessary precautions as we enter the upcoming hurricane season each year. How prepared and protected are you within your spiritual realm? Pastor Mike seeks to ensure you are fully awake and aware that we are high-value targets in the daily life challenges headed our way. In the storm’s aftermath, “What Do We Do When the Rain Stops?” To partner with us in bringing the word of God around the world, click here: http://www.InspireChurch.live/give  Get Pastor Mike's latest book "That Doesn't Just Happen" at: https://www.MikeKai.Tv ----- We would love to connect with you----- To find out more about Inspire Church, visit us at:http://www.InspireChurch.Live Facebook: Inspire Church Instagram: @inspirechurchtv YouTube: @inspirechurchtv Twitch: InspireChurch

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