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Joy in the Word

with Pam Jenkins
What We Bring to the Church Friday, October 27, 2023
What do you bring into the church with you? Hurt? Anger? Sin? What does it do to the church? Join Pam as she teaches on what we bring to our churches! 

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Soul Cry Book

There is nothing more important, or more valuable, than the human soul. It is immutable. It is the work of God. Soul Cry is a journey for the soul, every soul, and one that compels all of us to take. There is a great call resounding upon the horizon of this generation. A call to the soul of mankind. It's an invitation extended to each and every one of us, to acknowledge our great need for the One True Living God. When this great concession is made, the soul discovers what it was created to do, and the beauty held captive by the pains of life will be unveiled for our viewing.

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