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with James and Betty Robison
Water For LIFE Friday, July 12, 2019
Sheila Walsh shows the need for clean drinking water around the world and the simple solution that you can help provide in order to save lives.

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Ripple Effects

Tim Tebow credits his mom with being the key to his success―but Pam never expected that she would be known on a national stage. For most of her life, she was serving quietly and faithfully as a wife and a mom―choosing life for her child in the face of medical risks, answering the Lord’s call to mission work in the Philippines, and homeschooling before anyone knew what the word meant. But all along the way, her experiences―and her consistent, everyday choices to follow the Lord and to serve wherever He placed her―were creating unexpected ripples of influence throughout her family, her community, and her world. And they would end up extending far beyond anything she ever imagined.

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