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From the MLJ Archive

with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
An Experience of Christ Thursday, June 13, 2024
Philippians 3:8 — Christianity is to be central to one’s life and completely captivate thoughts, actions, and the way one lives. Unlike many other worldviews and religions, it is very experiential. Christians are called not only to know more about Christ, but they are called to experience the fullness of life that He provides. The gospel was intended to be woven into every aspect of the Christian’s being. In this sermon on Philippians 3:8 titled “An Experience of Christ,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones points to the Apostle Paul, reminding of what this looks like when played out in reality. He gave up everything and suffered persecution because of the gospel. When one becomes a Christian, the whole person is involved. Christ takes over all of one’s being when they submit to Him. Another way that salvation changes the Christian is that it is always increasing in value. How is this seen in Scripture? Paul was very honest in saying that Christ had made everything else in the world seem like trash in comparison. When the treasures of this world are compared to the excellencies of Christ, they are shown to be ultimately worthless. Dr. Lloyd-Jones concludes by providing examples of these excellencies of Christ and what they mean for the life of believers.

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