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From the MLJ Archive

with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Life in the Spirit Sunday, January 10, 2021
Romans 7:6 - What is it that makes Christians different from others? Christians have been granted a new mind and new desires by the Holy Spirit. This new life in Christ puts believers in a new relationship to the Law of Moses, for now the Law is written upon the heart of every believer. This creates a heart of worship that is not focused on the externals of religious acts, but it is focused on the orientation of the heart. For true worship flows out of a heart renewed and freed from the curse of the Law and the power of sin and flesh. However, preaching from Romans 7:6, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is emphatic that this new relationship to the Law does not bring about antinomianism, for all of God’s commands are good and just. It means that Christ has fulfilled the Law and given believers a new heart that has new desires. So, the end of the Law is not licensing to live in sin, but it comes with the joy and privilege of seeking to love God and neighbor out of the new person that Christ Jesus is fashioning all believers to be. For all sanctification cannot be separated from salvation and glorification. This is because Christ Jesus is the one who begins and completes our salvation.

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