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From the MLJ Archive

with Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Who is man? Saturday, July 20, 2024
2 Timothy 1:12 — In this sermon on 2 Timothy 1:12 titled “Who Is Man?” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones tackles deep questions about life from a Scriptural perspective. He shares the good news that one’s existence is not a result of random chance. It has a purpose, and God is in charge. God’s revelation in the Bible shows that humanity is different from animals because they were created with a soul. Dr. Lloyd-Jones presents some common views of humanity today, reminding that people were created to do far more than eat, drink, and fulfill their lusts. Many today chase these activities in hopes that they can be made happy. Yet Dr. Lloyd-Jones teaches that happiness was never designed to be tied to circumstances — one can find temporary pleasure, but they cannot find lasting happiness. Happiness is dependent upon a relationship with God. Yet, sin separates people from Him. No one can do anything of their own accord — the Bible tells that no one can earn their way to God. Yet, He sent His sinless Son Jesus Christ to die for sins and rise from the dead so that all who put their faith in His sacrifice can be saved.

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