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Living Oracles

with Roger Salter
Our Natural Selves Sunday, August 4, 2019
The knowledge of our nature is essential to our faith in God. From our creation the assessment of the human constitution is that we are weak. Since the event of the Fall this weakness has now fallen prey to the influence of sin. Detached from God we have no protection from it as an invading and driving impulse. Holiness is the commencement of abiding in the Lord, strengthening our association with him until we are fully compatible with his nature and made fit for his fellowship. The result of living to and with God is the sublime reality of eternal life - pure gift.

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A Born Again Episcopalian This superb biography of Charles Petit McIlvaine is exactly what is needed  at this time. Long overdue attention is at last given to one of the greatest and most gifted servants of Christ and country that this nation has produced. McIlvaine was a stalwart defender and advocate of Reformational orthodoxy in his day and an influence for righteousness and stability when the viability of the United States was in question. Restored to deserved prominence he can once again show the way to church and citizenry. The man himself is sympathetically and honestly portrayed with great pastoral benefit to those who read about him. The account of his faith and spiritual struggles is immensely encouraging. His efforts for the cause of Christ invigorate present day believers for the task at hand in contending for the truth of divine revelation.
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