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with Jesse Bradley
The Fullness of God Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Fasting heightens our awareness, appreciation, and desire for God's presence.

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Featured Offer from Activate

"Rooted in Grace"

by Jesse Bradley

What is your life rooted in every day? Are you moving at a pace that is too quick to even consider that question? Your understanding of God's grace impacts every aspect of your being. The grace of God sustains, heals, empowers, and balances you in a shifting world. Experience the abundant grace of Jesus through inspiring stories and insights, including practical applications taken from the Bible, reflection questions, and written prayers. Be refreshed as you enjoy your connection with God and are guided deeper in your faith. 100% of the profits from Rooted in Grace are sent directly to Compassion International, an organization that sponsors over 1.2 million children living in poverty in 26 countries.


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