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Love Worth Finding

with Adrian Rogers
How to Pray for America | Part 1 Friday, July 3, 2020
America is at a crossroads of morality and spirituality and we cannot afford to take it lightly. We remember that our greatest resource is prayer, and learn how to pray for America. In this message, Adrian Rogers examines Daniel’s prayer in Daniel chapter 9 to show us how to pray for a revival in our nation.

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Whatever Happened to the American Dream? Deep in the souls of the Founding Fathers beat hearts that longed for freedom in America. The fabric of their work is intertwined with the acknowledgment that God was the foundation — so much so that they called for fasting and prayer quite frequently as they sought direction. But that same heartbeat seems to be missing in America today. So where did we go wrong? Examine our heritage, our hope, and our responsibility in this seven message album taken from the messages of Adrian Rogers.
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