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Love Worth Finding

with Adrian Rogers
The Misery of the Bottle Monday, February 19, 2018
What does God have to say about alcohol? And is the alcohol of Bible times different from what we consume today? What should Christians decide about this ever-present beverage? We're surrounded by it. But the effects on adults, teens, and families are grim indeed. Listen as Adrian Rogers explains the misery the bottle brings.  

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The Battle Of The Bottle

When we think of dangerous drugs, substances like heroin or cocaine might come to mind. Because of its prevalence in our culture, we’ve come to think of alcohol as a drink, not a drug. But is it just another beverage? How should a follower of Jesus Christ in our culture handle the issue of drinking alcohol? Let’s see what the Bible says. It is our hope that by examining both the facts and the Scripture, you will come to a conclusion that will be informed and shaped by your desire to honor your Savior in every choice and decision. 

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