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MoneyWise Live

with Rob West & Steve Moore
Be Anxious For Nothing Wednesday, March 25, 2020
We can always trust the Lord to provide even in times of financial difficulty. On this MoneyWise, Steve Moore and Rob West welcome author and teacher, Howard Dayton, to discuss the topic of fear. Together, they offer Biblical advice and wisdom about what God says about coping with money issues. Rob and Steve also answer questions on a variety of other financial issues.   Click here to visit our website to find a financial coach or a Certified Kingdom Advisor in your area. MoneyWise is made possible by your prayers and financial support. To give, click here now.

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Master Your Money by Ron Blue

In this book, Ron Blue dedicates an entire chapter to tax planning, He say, "Our government, while far from perfect, has created a number of great incentives to encourage us to both give and save in our tax system." Request your copy when you send a gift of any amount to support this broadcast ministry.

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