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Moody Church Hour

with Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
The Mystery Of The Baby Sunday, December 4, 2022
When mankind rebelled against God, our predicament required God’s intervention. That’s why Jesus came into the world, born into a peasant family in the town of Bethlehem. In this message from Isaiah 9 and Revelation 22, we see how the two natures of Jesus relate together: His deity and humanity. This baby was much more than met the eye.

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The Mystery of Bethlehem

No matter how familiar the Christmas story is, it continues to fascinate us, inspire us, and force us to rethink the great fact of the Incarnation. These messages are intended to help us probe these accounts to see their deeper meaning, and to renew our commitment to worship the Christ who was born as a baby. As we learn, in the Mystery of Bethlehem lies our own salvation and our hope for a future in which the Christ Child returns as a reigning King. Click below to receive this series of 4 sermons on 2 CDs for a gift of any amount or call Moody Church Media at 1.800.215.5001.

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