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New Life Live!

with Steve Arterburn
New Life Live: April 21, 2021 Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Sheri Keffer, Chris Williams Caller Questions: - The man I’m dating won’t get help for his anxiety and depression; how do I help myself and him? - I just found out my 88yo father has an older biological daughter; how do I accept it? - After a history of abusive marriages, how do I get out of my current relationship? - I have an adopted son and I want him to know he was placed for adoption, not given up. 

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"Creatures of Habit" by Steve Poe

Creatures of Habit reveals how to remove bad habits and replace them with godly ones.  It’s not a matter of working hard or “pulling yourself up by your bootstrap.”  True transformation is God’s work; our job is to listen, obey, and put into practice what He’s already directing us to do. Steve Poe has pastored large, growing churches for more than 34 years, and he’s seen that poor choices often become bad habits that cause people a lot of problems. What is so powerful about this book is that it focuses on the deeper habits beneath the habits we see on the surface. If you or someone you love struggles with anger, lust, worry, cynicism, pride, self-centeredness or greed, this book will provide great insight and help.

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