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New Life Live!

with Steve Arterburn
New Life Live: February 26, 2021 Friday, February 26, 2021
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Henry Cloud Caller Questions: - After failed marriages for both of us, how do I prepare to marry a woman with sexual abuse baggage? - Should I pursue college even though my husband of 5yrs wants me to stay home with the kids? - How do I attract a healthy man who will stick around? I have three kids and have never married. 

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The Mediterranean Love Plan unveils the 7 Secrets of Passion from some of the most romantic countries in the world: Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Israel. Most couples marry in a flurry of passion, but soon find themselves wondering “How do we keep love interesting, fun and romantic? How do we keep the spark growing for decades?” Steve and Misty Arterburn offer unique, ground-breaking answers to these age-old questions. Romance is much more than a date night out or a week away. A passionate, long-lasting love requires two people who are sensually in love with life and each other. In this fascinating book, the authors explore research on seven activities that prompt passion, then describe how Mediterranean cultures practice these secrets in everyday life. Steve and Misty also share how these fun-to-apply secrets have taken their own marriage from confused to confident, from discouraged to delighted– and how you can do it too. The Mediterranean Love Plan will help couples become more playful, creative, connected and romantic -- burning with passion that stands the test of time.

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