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New Life Live!

with Steve Arterburn
New Life Live: July 23, 2024 Tuesday, July 23, 2024
Topics: Thankful, Feelings, Getting Unstuck, Affairs, Trust, PTSD, Living TogetherHosts: Chris Williams, Dr. Jill Hubbard, Dr. Jim Burns Caller Questions & More: 1. Dr. Jim Burns shares how to do thank therapy by giving thanks in everything. 2. I was molested as a child, my marriage ended in divorce, and I feel shut down; how do I kickstart my emotional life? 3. I’m 62yo, have PTSD from abuse, and can’t trust anyone; how do I reverse that? 4. Should I stay or go from the woman I’m living with? I pay half of her mortgage and raise her kids. Suggested Resources:Changes That HealTrustLife Recovery BibleLife Recovery Workbook

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Jesus made it clear that while sexual integrity is expressed through the body, it’s rooted in the mind. But aligning our thoughts with God’s thoughts isn’t always easy. Illicit sexual thoughts don’t need to have free rein in your mind. The Bible provides an arsenal of weapons to win the battle. Jesus invites you to live with full sexual integrity—in your behavior, heart, and mind. Instead of succumbing to the despair and darkness of sin, you can take every thought captive and replace it with thoughts that align with God’s truth, allowing Him to bring about His best for your life.

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