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with Dr. Erez Soref
Discover the amazing history of the Jewish followers of Yeshua! - Pod for Israel Friday, September 15, 2023
https://college.oneforisrael.org/the-history-of-messianic-jews-zoom-course/ Join Dr. Mishkin in this exciting new zoom course! via Zoom on Wednesdays , 4 – 7 PM Israel Time October 11 – December 20, 2023 This course will survey the history of Jewish followers of Jesus. The trends and developments of Jewish-Christian relations throughout history will serve as the backdrop as we examine the accomplishments, trials, and successes of this often neglected group. The course will also highlight God’s faithfulness in keeping His promise of a remnant. October 11, 2023 New Testament era October 18, 2023 Church Fathers and Mishnah October 25, 2023 Byzantine and Talmudic November 1, 2023 Dark Ages November 8, 2023 High Middle Ages November 15, 2023 Renaissance and Reformation November 22, 2023 Thanksgiving Break – no class November 29, 2023 Enlightenment December 6, 2023 Holocaust and Post Holocaust December 13, 2023 Israel December 20, 2023 Modern Period Also consider our other 2 courses starting this October! https://college.oneforisrael.org/category/zoom/ The Book of Job with Dr. Golan Broshi and The History of Jerusalem with Dr. Sheila Gyllenberg

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