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One For Israel

with Dr. Erez Soref
Discover the Biblical Feasts - Dr. David Mishkin - Pod for Israel Wednesday, February 1, 2023
https://college.oneforisrael.org/messiah-in-the-feasts-zoom/ Join us in this new zoom course "Messiah In The Feasts" (February 27 – May 8, 2023) Mondays , 4 – 7 PM Israel Time The Feasts of Israel provide a unique way for God to communicate with His people. Leviticus 23 is God’s “year at a glance” calendar as we learn of His plan for Israel and the Nations. The festivals reveal God’s holiness, His character, and His desire for all people to come to know Him. This ten week course will focus on the feasts of ancient Israel, but will also include later festivals from both scripture and tradition, ending with a class on the holidays of modern Israel. Register today to be a part of this live Zoom course! https://college.oneforisrael.org/messiah-in-the-feasts-zoom/

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