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Bipolar to Beloved - Journey from Mental Illness to Freedom - Lynn Eldridge - Author, Speaker, Coach, Minister Friday, November 11, 2022
I basically learned that God wasn’t angry at me. I have actually learned that this is a Love story and we’re the stars of it. Lynn EldridgeFor shows and more subscribe at parentcompass.tv/subscribeAfter a difficult upbringing filled with the pain of rejection, Lynn Eldridge turned to many addictions, including drugs and a dangerous involvement with the drug cartel. Though raised in the church, it wasn’t until she had a radical encounter with the Lord, that Lynn was transformed and set free from the incurable mental illness of bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, addiction, and suicide.Her passion and pursuit is to help others learn of the redemptive power of the brain to be restored back to sanity through godly principles. These principles set Lynn free from the pain and torment of hopelessness.In this Parent Compass Life Family Chat Bipolar to Beloved, Lynn recounts her transformative journey from danger, darkness and doubt to freedom and child-like faith in a loving Father who loves to restore His children to wholeness!Lynn is the author of Bipolar to Beloved: A Journey from Mental Illness to Freedom, available on Amazon and at www.lynneldridge.com.She is also a mentor, speaker, and minister, and offers coaching sessions and online courses through her website.#Lynn Eldridge #BipolartoBeloved #ParentCompass #MentalIllnessTo support this ministry financially, visit: https://www.lightsource.com/donate/1494/29

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