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Divine Surprises, Part 2 Friday, May 24, 2024
Fleeing the deadly racial war in Rhodesia Africa, Robert felt the strong call of God on his life. That call would take him to Australia, a marriage of racial reconciliation (Janet), and then to the U.S., leading a global radio ministry. Now, they watch son, Stephen, and daughter-in-law, Annaly, honor God with their gifts and raising the next generation of believers, Harmony and Elijah. I told her, You are going to marry me. Robert I don’t think so. Janet The dentist yanked them out. He was so mad. Robert In his country Zimbabwe, they had a war between the blacks and the whites. Janet Black people don’t marry white people. Robert Son, have you been writing your promises? Stephen Listen my son to your father’s instruction, do not ignore your mother’s teaching. Proverbs 1:8 The fatherly advice in this phase of life changed my relationship with the Lord so much. Stephen He said, Son, I am going to give you the steps that have transformed my life and belief in God. Stephen Dad, can you just pray for something good to happen to me, can I use that card? He said, No, son, this is you and your walk with the Lord. Stephen He gave me the guidance to find my walk with the Lord. He gave me the guidance to rely on God through a point in my life that I wasn’t ready for, I wasn’t prepared for, but he was patient. He was kind. He was loving just like our loving Heavenly father and in it I found God’s love. Stephen I don’t know how my dad could go about his life without my mom. It’s a crazy story, but it’s a match made in heaven. Stephen For shows and more subscribe at parentcompass.tv/subscribe or download the Parent Compass App.

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