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Fixed Broken Pieces from Family in Peril Friday, May 3, 2024
(Also hear about Self-Educate U for children! seuworks.com) When her five children were young, their lives and Kristi’s life were daily under serious threat for years. They, also, have had health issues where Kristi was told she would not live past 40, her five-year-old son’s autism was so severe it was recommended he be institutionalized, another child had swelling on the brain. Today those grown children have dream jobs and at age 20 her daughters were able to buy their mom a dream home. Now Kristi is a successful entrepreneur with her own company helping children self-educate. Kristi gives all Glory to God who as she says takes ALL things and works them for our good and His glory! Hear about Self-Educate U for children! seuworks.com For shows and more subscribe at parentcompass.tv/subscribe or download the Parent Compass App.

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In this world of censorship especially on this issue, this research has links and information from Governor DeSantis of Florida, Senator Ron Johnson, top doctors in cardiology and more.

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