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Pastors' Chats

with Steve Brown
Jerry Parries | Race and Reconciliation | Pastors’ Chat Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Cultural divisions, racial tensions, feelings of anger mixed with sadness… how is a pastor to handle all of this? This time on Pastors’ Chat, Steve sits down with pastor and friend Jerry Parries in an honest, gut-level conversation about what has happened and what’s next. The post Jerry Parries | Race and Reconciliation | Pastors’ Chat appeared first on Key Life.

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A recently-reprinted booklet taken from Steve’s classic book on radical grace, A Scandalous Freedom. Three freedom-stifling tendencies: The freedom we surrender…and the heritage that sets us free.  The perfection we desire…and the forgiveness that sets us free. The Gospel we forget…and the joy that sets us free. We are free—no ifs, ands or buts. Jesus said we would know the truth and would be free indeed. Let’s see if he was right. 

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