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Proclaiming Justice with Laurie Cardoza Moore

with Laurie Cardoza Moore
Taking Back America's Children (TBAC), Part 4 - the latest "Proclaiming Justice" podcast Friday, March 31, 2023
On this week's podcast, host Laurie Cardoza Moore welcomes as her guest Pastor Joe Daltorio, Sr. Pastor of the River of Life Community Church in Hudson, Ohio, where PJTN's upcoming "Taking Back America's Children" OH Summit will be held on Sunday, April 30th. The goal of the summit is to educate, motivate and activate parents and citizens across America to flip their school boards and take a stand against racist, antisemitic propaganda that is plaguing our school systems.In this episode, Pastor Daltorio discusses the challenges America's children are facing with the reality of the "culture war" being waged around them in today's world. What is our responsibility to arm ourselves with biblical truth to protect the future of our country and our next generation of leadership - our kids? Tune in to find answers to that question and more!

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