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ReFOCUS with Jim Daly

with Jim Daly
Babylon Bee's Seth Dillon on Engaging the Culture with Humor Monday, July 17, 2023
Engaging the Culture with Humor. This conversation will better equip Christians to engage the culture without compromise while using humor as a tool to challenge bad ideas. We'll hear from Seth Dillon, the CEO of the Babylon Bee, about the success of his company and how he's maintained the respect of others with winsomeness and ingenuity in a culture that appears to be losing some of its sense of humor.   Receive the book ReFOCUS for your donation of any amount.   Read more about using social media well and changing minds with grace.   Man Unsure If He's Persecuted Because He's A Christian Or Because He's A Massive Jerk    Leftists On Twitter Report Disturbing Rise In People They Hate Having Speech   Send Jim a voicemail! Click here.

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