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ReFOCUS with Jim Daly

with Jim Daly
Benjamin Watson on Pro-Life Advocacy, Race, and Human Flourishing Monday, August 14, 2023
Former NFL tight end Benjamin Watson advocates for the pro-life cause, while addressing issues that may drive a woman - especially the poor and marginalized - to have an abortion. Benjamin shares insights on how a renewed commitment to holistic justice can make a big difference in the fight for life. He challenges Christians to act with empathy and kindness.   Get Benjamin Watson's book "The New Fight for Life" to read more about fighting for life and justice when you make a gift of any amount.   Buy your copy of Jim Daly’s book, ReFOCUS! He shares how believers can engage others in the culture with the love of Christ and reveal the heart of God.   Watch this video series for more on defending life from Scott Klusendorf.   Captivating curriculum from Dr. Bill Lile to help you share your pro-life views.   Read more about standing up for pre-born from Scott Klusendorf.   Send Jim a voicemail! Click here.

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