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ReFOCUS with Jim Daly

with Jim Daly
Jason Jimenez: Countering Gen Z Cultural Lies and Depression with Biblical Truth Monday, December 4, 2023
Parents today are in panic mode. Gen Z children are struggling with depression, identity, a lack of stability, and increased cases of abandoned faith. Jason Jimenez will equip you to reach the younger generation and help them know their true identity in Christ. Your children are hearing the lies of the culture, and Jason talks about how to have hard conversations with your children to refute those lies.   Get Parenting Gen Z by Dr. Jason Jimenez for a gift of any amount. The book has even more examples of crucial conversations to have with Gen Z kids.   Buy your copy of Jim Daly’s book, ReFOCUS! He shares how believers can engage others in the culture with the love of Christ and reveal the heart of God.   Watch this video series for more practical tools to help your kids strengthen their faith.   Click here for more resources from the Focus on the Family counseling department on Transgenderism.   Send Jim a voicemail! Click here.

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