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ReFOCUS with Jim Daly

with Jim Daly
The Irreplaceable Impact of a Mom and Dad Monday, October 23, 2023
Katy Faust, Founder and President of Them Before Us, advocates for children's rights to their mother and father. Raised by a mom who identified as lesbian, Katy makes the case for a child's right to life and their right to both a mom and dad, which supersede whatever adults may feel. She also encourages loving adoptions and offers practical advice for talking about difficult issues with a compassionate mindset.   Get Katy Faust's book for a gift of any amount to read more about the argument for a child-centric family structure and real-life stories about how a parent-centric structure hurts the child.    Buy your copy of Jim Daly’s book, ReFOCUS! He shares how believers can engage others in the culture with the love of Christ and reveal the heart of God.   Watch this video series for encouragement and tips on sharing pro-life views with compassion.    Sign up to receive more from Jim about current events and living for God in the culture.   Help give foster children hope and help through a suitcase bundle.   Click here for more resources from the Focus on the Family counseling department on Transgenderism.    Send Jim a voicemail! Click here.

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