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Reframing Ministries

with Colleen Swindoll Thompson
Hopeful Words on Multiple Sclerosis, Abortion, and More Tuesday, August 6, 2019
After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 30, Mark Davis Pickup’s life took a radical turn. Not only did his daily lifestyle have to be reframed, but so did the placement of his identity: “The whole self-image issue comes up . . . and this isn’t just for people with disabilities, it’s for everybody . . . I had to redefine myself, from being healthy and able bodied, with an upwardly mobile career, to a new human being that was now in a wheelchair. Who is that new human being? I had to redefine ‘Self’.” —Mark Davis Pickup. This life-readjustment for Mark led to his occupation of advocacy for human life, and placing our identity, our value, and our entirety of hope in Christ alone. If you are facing a redefining of your “Self”, a situation involving abortion, Multiple Sclerosis, or other trials involving a life-readjustment, we hope that Colleen’s truthful and enlightening conversation with Mark is an encouragement to you today.

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