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Reframing Ministries

with Colleen Swindoll Thompson
Stop Treating Your Symptoms and Find Healing for Life Thursday, June 13, 2024
An Interview with Jaime Jamgochian What do you do when you have tried everything, yet there are no answers to be found? Whether it be a physical illness, mental chaos, emotional struggles, or spiritual doubts, most of us have never learned to look beyond symptoms and dig deep to finally discover the root of our real problems. In this podcast episode, Colleen Swindoll Thompson and singer, songwriter, and worship leader Jaime Jamgochian talk about the enormous and all-encompassing suffering they have both endured for years. Close friends departed, doctors misdiagnosed, and discouragement turned into doubt and despair until the root causes were discovered. If you’re tired of just existing and desire to know what it means to find lasting healing and hope, listen in to learn: * Where Jesus is in our challenging stories * Why healing can’t be just physical * When the battle is in your mind * What comes to the surface when we go through struggles We hope this episode helps give you strength for today and hope for tomorrow! To learn more about Jaime Jamgochian and her latest album Sacred Surrender, visit jaimejam.com

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When Life Isn't Fair: What They Didn't Tell Us in Sunday School

In When Life Isn't Fair: What They Didn't Tell Us in Sunday School, Colleen Swindoll Thompson weaves together biblical truth, practicality, and her own growth experiences as a mother of a son with special needs. She writes with raw honesty about her personal crisis of faith as well as the hardship and humor that come with learning to trust God through difficult times.

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