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Revive Our Hearts

with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
You Can Trust God to Write Your Story, Day 7 Wednesday, September 11, 2019
There are pages and chapters in our lives that just don’t make sense. They may even seem heartless and cruel. But Nancy DeMoss Wolgmeuth will show you how these tragic chapters can lead to a truly happy ending because of God’s grace, on Revive Our Hearts.

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You Can Trust God to Write Your Story

God is the master Storyteller. He's writing your story and it's a part of His bigger, grander, eternal Story. But we're still in the middle. We haven't gotten to the happy ending yet, and it can be hard to trust Him in the thick of our struggles. That's why Robert and Nancy share their own story, friends' stories, and the stories of people in the Bible who have faced life-altering challenges, but, in the end, have found God to be faithful. Learn why you really can trust God to write your story—no matter what plot twists you may encounter along the way. With your donation of any amount.

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