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Rick Renner Radio

with Rick Renner
Jesus Heals a Man at the Pool of Bethesda Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Do you genuinely want to feel better and get well? Are you sure? Let Rick Renner guide you in receiving from God as you answer these important questions today.

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Christ’s Message to Pergamum & No Room for Compromise, Volume 2

Christ’s Message to Pergamum - Jesus views ideas of inclusion and compromise at the expense of truty as a menace to the sanctity, power, and effectiveness of His Church! Rick Renner shares encouraging Bible truths in this in-depth look at Christ’s message to the church of Pergamum. | No Room for Compromise, Volume 2 - In No Room for Compromise: Christ’s Message to Today’s Church, Rick Renner sets forth his most prophetic book to date. As pagan influences continue to increase in these last days, Christianity will once again become completely out of sync with the times with its message that Christ alone is the way to the Father.

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