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Rooting for Rivals

with Blake Mankin
#3 - Campus Ministries - Tom Lin Wednesday, March 20, 2019
InterVarsity and Cru recently announced that they will be partnering together with the goal of reaching over 1,200 college campuses with the gospel message. In this episode, hear Tom Lin, President and CEO of InterVarsity, share about this project in the context of his own personal journey from isolation to collaboration. Hear how God used life and ministry experiences to open Tom’s eyes to a much bigger, Kingdom mission at hand—one that would compel him to work alongside fellow ministry leaders and former ‘rivals’ to see it through.

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Rooting for Rivals

Rooting for Rivals reveals how your ministry can multiply its impact by cooperating rather than competing with others, modeling Christlike love and generosity in the process. Peter Greer and Chris Horst explore case studies illustrating the power of collaborative ministry. Writing with vulnerability, they also share their own failures and successes in moving toward a Kingdom mindset.

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