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Sound Doctrine

with Jeff Johnson
Our Hope Part 1 Saturday, March 6, 2021
Have you ever received a note of encouragement right in the midst of great suffering?  A well-spoken word at just the right time can really be helpful. And that’s what we find in the epistle of First Peter.  It was written to Christians who were unjustly persecuted, and encountering fiery trials.   We can benefit from the letter too, and receive God’s encouragement and instruction for this difficult season of life we’re in.  Today on Sound Doctrine pastor Jeff Johnson speaks of a living hope. 

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God's Help for the Troubled Heart

Our friend in the ministry, pastor Ed Taylor, has a new book and it ties in beautifully to our present series so we’d like to offer it to you!  It’s titled, “God’s Help for the Troubled Heart.”  We all go through painful trials, and maybe for you that has been at an all-time high in recent months.  God stands ready to help us when we experience a troubled heart.  Be blessed and encouraged as you read “God’s Help for the Troubled Heart.” 

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